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Did you guys know that this scene in Lady and the Tramp was actually inspired by an actual moment in Walt Disney’s life? Walt had felt bad about working so much and leaving his wife, Lillian, alone at home. So for a Christmas gift he went to a kennel and picked out a Chow for her. Lillian had disliked dogs, but said if she had to pick one out, it would be a Chow, because she had read somewhere that they had little odor. Walt kept the dog at his brother’s (Roy Disney) house, and Christmas morning he put the dog in a hatbox with a bow on top. Lillian was actually dissatisfied, thinking Walt bought her a new hat without her approval, but was smitten when she saw the dog. Lillian would never let the dog out of her sight, it would even sleep in the room with her. Walt and Lillian would go out for ice cream with the dog, and Walt would even buy it its own ice cream cone. One night Walt was looking all over the neighborhood during a storm when they couldn’t find the dog, and Lillian was devastated-just to find out the next morning the dog had been at Roy’s house the entire time!